You’ve got all it takes


Be at rest

Ife Mi

To hear you say it’s an everlasting love, Thrills me each passing day

Ife Mi,

My heart strolls back to the day we met,

Torn apart, crushed and thrust,

Body soaked in filth,

Soul drenched in hate,

Spirit bound in death,

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The Days I’ll Miss…….

Yesterday I spent my day fantasizing dinner. The craving for boiled yam and fried egg (garnished with a lot of onions and fish) came from nowhere, and I was ready to make my dreams come true. I had just a little portion of yam left of the one tuber I had been eating for like a month. I held my knife with so much excitement just to realize that my yam had gone bad……I got only one slice.

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Living Between Two Eternities

At the beginning of every new session back in secondary school, I remember how excited we used to be, nobody brooded over how bad they failed in the last class neither was there anyone who wanted to repeat a class because they did so well, we didn’t even worry about what the next class would be like, all that mattered was we got promoted to a new class. We only focused on making the best of the new session so we could get promoted to the next class successfully. It’s funny how we become adults and our approach to life changes.

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